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Chinchilla Coloring Book
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Adopt a Virtual Chinchilla

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Are you ready for a chinchilla?

Chinchillas (and all pets) count on their owners to keep them safe and healthy, just as you count on your parents to take care of you. When you own a pet it is up to you to make sure it is taken care of. Have you ever gone to school and forgot to eat breakfast? Can you remember what it felt like being so hungry and having to wait for lunch time? Now imagine if you had to wait until after school to eat…or even dinner time!! That is what it is like for your pet if you forget to feed it.

Take this little quiz below and really think about your answers. Imagine having to do these chores every day for the next 10-20 years. That means until you are all grown up!!!

Will you wash out the water bottle and give your chinchilla fresh food and water every day?
Will you remember to give your chinchilla a dust bath 3 times a week?
Can you play with your chinchilla for at least 30 minutes a day?
Will you clean out its cage and give him fresh shavings at least once a week?

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