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April & Maisy
Posted by sydchilla


Title PriceCityStateShippingPosted byImage
Beige male ready to go 150.00Raytown Missouri nochinchillavillage
Pretty tan/white female! 175.00Raytown Missouri nochinchillavillage
CHINCHILLA KITS OF MANY COLORS variesJust West of Philadelphia - 2 hours from New York Pennsylvania noChincherub
Baby chins! Taking deposits 150.00Raytown Missouri nochinchillavillage
chinchillas in south central pa $50-250 Pennsylvania noBLS Chins
Violet Male Kits for Sales - Ready 4/18/15 200.00 Pennsylvania nogurgi1970
Baby chinchillas 75 California yeschinchillachateau
MANY CHINS! MANY COLORS! 150.00Bryan Ohio nolkbever

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