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14 Ed Exercise Wheel

It is a conventional running wheel that features sealed ball bearings for smooth and quiet spinning and a solid surface for safety. For secure attachment, the wheel is mounted with three wing nuts. The center portion of the wheel is made of high quality plywood and the running surface is galvanized tin with rolled edges.

Only one poster so far as accurately described the product! It has NO spokes whatsoever. In fact, it's less like a "wheel" and more like a "drum". The rear is enclosed and the sides are made from solid metal. It's easy to mount, high quality, safe and both my chinchillas love it.


I'm not sure if everyone else has the wrong idea or if it's me. I opted to add this wheel to my chin's "quality cage" because it won't rip off his tail. There are no spokes. It attaches to a wall in the cage, there's no base. A solid metal wheel to run on and keep his toes happy. It's finished off with a closed wooden wall. My Percy loves it! Even during his free time he'll go back in the cage just to run on the wheel for a bit. I recommend it to all.


A well built wheel that is relatively quiet when mounted on the cage with the "legs" spread wider than the wheel's width is. This helps stabilize it. I would not suggest this wheel for one who has a chinchilla that really likes to run hard. I feel the spokes could present a potential problem in this situation. If you can afford to get a "flying saucer" style wheel, it is most definately worth the extra money and the safety of your chin.


Although it takes up alot of space in the wheel, thumper's liking it alot and it's cheaper than the overpriced leo braun wheel. He's learned to stop himself before he jumps out of it to avoid the spokes. If the wheel is hung on the side of cage, it will make noise.

-Carla O.

One of our chins tried jumping out of this type of wheel and the spinning spokes on the side caught her and snapped her neck. We had it attached to the side of the cage, either way, the risk was in the rotating spokes and how it catches a chin the wrong way if they jump off while the wheel is still spinning.


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