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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

The Flying Saucer is a new and innovative chinchilla exercise wheel. It is extremely well made and is very safe. It features an aluminum dish with ball bearings that are supported by a 3/8-inch diameter cage hanger bracket. Mounting the wheel is quite simple and the only tool needed is small hex wrench that is included with the wheel. The dish is just under 14 inches in diameter so when tilted at an angle it can fit through cage doors as small as 9 x 12 inches or 10 x 10 inches.

We have 6 that our chins share. They love it! No wires or bars to get injured on. They can see ahead of them instead of stareing at the side of the turning wheel. They love to run, jump off and on again, or ride it till it stops and they swing back and forth as it comes to a stop.

-Jo Ann

These are great wheels if you have extra room in the cage to spare. My chins run endlessly on these wheels, they are safe and easy to clean but have to change the bearings when too much sand gets into it.


My chinchillas LOVE this wheel- it took a while for them to learn how to use it but once they learned they wouldn't get off.


This is a great wheel, and in my opinion, one of the safest. It allows the chin and more natural running gait and will be used endlessly.


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