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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

The Flying Saucer is a new and innovative chinchilla exercise wheel. It is extremely well made and is very safe. It features an aluminum dish with ball bearings that are supported by a 3/8-inch diameter cage hanger bracket. Mounting the wheel is quite simple and the only tool needed is small hex wrench that is included with the wheel. The dish is just under 14 inches in diameter so when tilted at an angle it can fit through cage doors as small as 9 x 12 inches or 10 x 10 inches.

The only better product you could get for your chinchilla is a bigger cage. A wonderful product for all of the reasons listed and more. As for the issue of replacing bearings: Rather than replace them after they become dirty and gritty... Remove them and soak them in very hot soapy water. After rinsing them clean, Apply a bit of vegetable oil to the bearing and spin it in your hand until it runs smooth again. :)


I just bought this wheel for one of my chins. I was a bit worried about whether or not she'd figure out how to use it. We have been using the standard wheel from Chinworld without a problem, but I wanted to give the flying saucer wheel a try. We really love it! Pearl runs on it beautifully (after the first few days of experimenting!) and really seems to be enjoying it. I like the way the running looks; it seems much smoother and more comfortable than the traditional wheel. Of course, it does take up quite a bit of room, but I figure, if you've got the room, give this a try! It's just as useful as the others, and it's more entertaining for the owner to watch. :)


My chin loves to run on this wheel!
(When he ran on his old wheel that had
spokes, he sometimes would injure his
nose) I installed it close to the floor of his cage rather than higher, because my chin loves to show off and jump on & off even before the wheel stops turning!


This wheel is amazing! It took awhile for my chinnie to get the hang of running on it but now he won't get off it. This wheel is great for an overprotective "mom" like myself because there are no bars to get a stray leg caught in and my chinnie doesn't have to stare at a wall when he runs! Great product! To keep sand off my wheel and cut down on the amount of bearing replacements I put an empty shopping bag on my wheel when my chinnie gets his bath. When he stops rolling in his bath and starts to pay attention to the bag, it gets removed. Warning: Pay attention to your chin to remove the plastic bag before he or she starts to chew on it.


The wheel is great. The chinchillas love it and they run nicely on this. But - the flying saucer is the most noisy of my wheels (also have a 15" Leo Braun and a 14" Ed from ChinWorld.com). The bearings have to be changed quite often and they are not easy to get hold of - at least not if you live in Denmark like I do.


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