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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

The Flying Saucer is a new and innovative chinchilla exercise wheel. It is extremely well made and is very safe. It features an aluminum dish with ball bearings that are supported by a 3/8-inch diameter cage hanger bracket. Mounting the wheel is quite simple and the only tool needed is small hex wrench that is included with the wheel. The dish is just under 14 inches in diameter so when tilted at an angle it can fit through cage doors as small as 9 x 12 inches or 10 x 10 inches.

At first I was leery that the chins would figure this out. They surprised me though. It took them less then 1 min to figure out how to run on it. The woman who sold it to me told me to use a rasin on a stick to help teach them but it was not needed. The wheel itself is great. Its safe its silent. I was worried they were not using it for a while cause I never heard them running. Then I realised I just needed to listen more. They like to play on it 2-3 at one time. I would say this is a must have wheel.


The wheel is great. My boys figured it out in under 1 minute. And if they had not, the lady that sold it to me told me to put a raisin on a stick and use it like carrot to teach them how to use it. It so far is soundless. Its sturdy very safe. Great construction all round. A+ from my boys


I bought it for my chinchilla before I got her, the day I got her she started trying it out. I've now had her for around 3 months and she loves it, runs on it alot of the night, and get very uptight when im cleaning her cage and I touch it, lol. A+ shes never even tried to chew on it though if she did its metal she wouldnt get very far... I deffinatly reccomend it, for me it was worth every cent I spent on it. It's pricey but in the long run its better, no back problems, injuries, completly safe!


My chin never figured out how to use it and I've had it for six months!!!!


This is the greatest wheel ever!!


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