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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

The Flying Saucer is a new and innovative chinchilla exercise wheel. It is extremely well made and is very safe. It features an aluminum dish with ball bearings that are supported by a 3/8-inch diameter cage hanger bracket. Mounting the wheel is quite simple and the only tool needed is small hex wrench that is included with the wheel. The dish is just under 14 inches in diameter so when tilted at an angle it can fit through cage doors as small as 9 x 12 inches or 10 x 10 inches.

This is the BEST wheel I have ever tried - and it is a must have and well worth the price. My chinchilla learned how to use it after a few minutes, and I nearly rolled over laughing watching her run like a little track star. Now I have two chinchillas, and they LOVE their saucer - they both run on it (trying to do it at the same time), sleep on it, and we think they must have run from New York to L.A. by now.
This is a must.


He loves it, even during his out of cage time he sneeks back to catch a quick spin in the big wheel.


My Chin explored it the first day, and within 2 days was running happily along. The wheel is very big, however I think the benefits outweigh that small negative. Have tried "quiet wheels" before, and this one really is silent!!! Our chin loves it, yours will too!!!


This saucer was extremely expensive and very large. My chins never figured out how to use it, either.


My chin never figured out how to use it after 3 weeks, but it was a nice idea, so i gave it 2 stars


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