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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

The Flying Saucer is a new and innovative chinchilla exercise wheel. It is extremely well made and is very safe. It features an aluminum dish with ball bearings that are supported by a 3/8-inch diameter cage hanger bracket. Mounting the wheel is quite simple and the only tool needed is small hex wrench that is included with the wheel. The dish is just under 14 inches in diameter so when tilted at an angle it can fit through cage doors as small as 9 x 12 inches or 10 x 10 inches.

Hi Cindy!And, to think how much I just spent to have one of my daughter's soiner pictures done this way! I will have to check this out...when I get up the courage! The only reason why I didn't to it is because I'm in fear that I'll get very upset if I find out that I could have saved a ton of money. Yes....denial! No way to start a week...!Just beautiful!Judi


The best wheel made for chins! My chinchillas loved their wheel so much that I had to buy another one. I have heard that some chins have a harder time learning this wheel, but none of mine did. My most reckless one jumps on and off while it is still moving, but doesn't hurt himself. They require more cage space than some wheels and you should provide extra room for them to jump on and off, so it is important to measure your cage first. Also, when they run on them their cage tends to shake a little, so I would not recommend putting them on a high level. One of my chins has basically claimed one of the wheels for herself, so she even lays down on it to sleep. Two of them tend to run on each wheel at the same time, so if you get more than one, I would not put them in the same cage near each other. It's a great wheel and lots of fun for the chins. It's cute to watch too!


The safest exercise wheel around (not just saying it!!!) it really is. Even though it's not cheap it is well worth the money. We have three chinnies and all of them use it all the time..and love it!!! Great investment for the future, from personal experience I recommend getting one. Even though it might take a while for your chinnie to figure out how to use, it really depends on individual animal. It took 3months for our chin to be able to use it properly!!! Have to be patient and you'll have hours of fun watching your little furballs.


this wheel is the only wheel you should ever buy for your full grown chinchillas, although other wheels may be cheaper and take up less room, you may be taking years off their life! regular wheels cause chinchillas to arch their back backwards which in turn can cause back problems in years to come. i have been breeding chinchillas for several years and since providing these wheels for them, my chinchillas have added on average 2 years to their life. you would buy something if you knew it would make your dog live longer, so buy something that will make your chinchilla live a longer and happier life!


My Chinchilla LOVES her wheel. When we first got it, we realized how much more we liked it than our first plastic wheel we bought at the pet store. It was also a LOT more quiet. It's a bit pricey but worth the investment. The only down side: be careful not to let your chin run on it right after a dust bath...we let ours (thinking enough of the sand was off) and it got inside and we had to replace the ball-bearing (thank goodness the package gave us an extra one so we didnt have to wait for it to be shipped). It's wonderful, though, and I definitely recommend it!


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