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Guide to Owning a Chinchilla


Great review! You gave me hope hahah. I've had pttery bad acne on my forehead for two years and finally decided to try ProActiv. I've been using it for a week now and haven't seen amazing results yet I'm hoping that week 2 will be better!


Thu Oct 4 00:19:10 2012

It looks like there pulling the chinchilla's ear too Jo Ann your right that wrong to do to a chinchilla the poor thing :(

-Kelly Jones

Fri Jun 2 22:57:40 2006

Why are they poleing the poor chinchilla's Tail? :-(


Fri May 19 17:48:12 2006

I didn't wonder so much about that picture than the one of the chins um, genital reigon. I mean come on! who cares? but a good, informative book.


Wed Aug 20 17:49:17 2003

I totally agree Jo Ann! A very odd choice of picture! It's certainly put me off!


Wed Jun 25 12:34:41 2003

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