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Chinchilla Gift Cards

Perfect for all occasions these cards are blank inside so you can customize them to fit your needs. These high quality cards are printed on 80 lb cover weight paper. Each card measures 5 x 7 when folded. Six cards per package.
Full bleed dynamic color
80 lb cover weight paper
Package of six cards
Envelopes included

At Christmas I send these cards out. I get a lot of "HOW CUTE!"


Wed May 28 19:33:42 2008

They are so cool! I like them! I would use them alot. Even for birthday cards!


Thu May 25 23:11:27 2006

My friend and I are chinchilla freckles we love them so much that if we got your hands on them these Cards would be sending them to every one we know (Which is a lot) :-D


Sat May 20 15:39:04 2006

These are beautiful. Anyone that knows how much you love chinchillas won't even have to open them to know who they are from ... A chin-a-holic!

-Jo Ann

Wed May 28 16:56:17 2003

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