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Chinchillas from pets to profession

Chinchillas from pets to profession covers all aspects of chinchillas. The first half of the book focuses on the basics of chinchillas as pets. It is geared toward first time owners and discusses how to set up the cage, how to pick out and tame a chinchilla, how to chin-proof your home, etc. The second half of the book is a collection of articles about breeding chinchillas. It is a wonderful resource for anyone considering becoming a chinchilla breeder. The articles deal with topics such as setting up a chinchilla building, picking out quality breeders, and the basics of chinchilla pregnancy.

This is a great book for people that are new to chins.


Wed Aug 9 13:03:24 2006

I have one


Fri Mar 11 23:34:45 2005

I think it's a nice book for beginners,simple to the point, nothing confusing.
Nice job!


Wed Mar 3 10:41:48 2004

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