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BasicPetCare (10)
how to take care of your chinchilla. food, cages, equipment, etc.
Breeder Supply Resources (38)
A list of resources specifically for Chinchilla Breeders
Breeders (69) new
Breeders of Chinchillas for pets.
Breeding Chinchillas (10)
information on Breeding Chinchillas
Chinchilla pets (22)
Personal websites about pet chinchillas.
Genetics (6)
Sites focusing on chinchilla genetics, fur, show quality, etc.
Health And Information (11)
Sites which focus on health problems and basic health care.
Misc Chinchilla Sites (13)
Chinchilla web sites that just don't fit in any other category
Photos and Colors (3)
color charts and chinchilla pictures.
Shopping (20)
On line stores for chinchilla supplies and chinchilla merchandise.
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