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How often do you clean your chinchilla pans?

once a week
- 17 (89.5%)
once every 2 weeks
- 2 (10.5%)
less than once a week
- 0 (0%)
longer than once every 2 weeks
- 0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 19

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Author Topic: Cage Cleaning of large herds  (Read 9545 times)

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Cage Cleaning of large herds
« on: May 24, 2006, 03:02:53 PM »

With 110 chinchillas of my own to keep up with I was just wondering how other breeders schedule their cleaning.     Do you clean them all in one day or do a few at a time each day?

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 Walterboro, South Carolina

Jo Ann

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Re: Cage Cleaning of large herds
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2006, 09:33:19 AM »

::silly:: Hi Jamie,

    With the 200+ chins we have ... it's impossible to clean them all in one day ... if we can do 20 a day, it takes 10 days to get them all.  ::)

    But, there are some chins that make you change them more often than others.  ::nod::  Just like personality differences, they have personal habits that differ.  :blush2:  We have a couple that will push, kick and/or throw most of their bedding back out of the cage within 24 hours.  Some that will move it all to one side and sleep on the bare metal pans.  Some that cover the food in their feeders with their bedding and others that scrape their food all into the floor and then hide it with bedding.  Two that love to drown the bedding as soon as we refill bottles, several that throw their poop out of the cage to, or sometimes at, the dogs ... and it goes on and on.  rofl

     How about some more with why you have to do it more often and/or less often.   :-[  Don't forget to take the poll at the top first!

Jo Ann

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Re: Cage Cleaning of large herds
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2007, 09:56:39 AM »

i clean mine once a week, mainly of habit and i only have about 15 cages. but i know larger breeders (i.e. circle M) cleans theirs every two weeks. we usally start about 9 am and finish about 4pm. thats cleaning at leat 500 cages, cleaning the floors, feeding and watering. its a two people team. but i enjoy it.
Lil Sugar Chinchillas
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