Welcome to the Chinchilla Club on-line Crossword game. Play games with a group of 2 to 4 players anywhere in the world.

Select your team and a team captain to start the game. That person will click the link below and enter the name and email address of each player. Each player will also need a special password to ensure that no one else can play his or her turn. Then the captain goes first by signing in and making a word with his/her tiles. The game will then email all other players letting them know player one is finished and player 2 can take their turn.

There is no limit to the time it takes to finish a game. You can play a complete game in a day or stretch it out over weeks. Our only stipulation is that games which are inactive for 30 will be deleted.

If you would like to find other chinchilla lovers to start a game with visit our Message Board.

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